I am an assistant professor of anthropology at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am a cultural and medical anthropologist broadly focused on the social and political aspects of health care in Latin America and the Caribbean. My research and teaching interests include the anthropology of health and medicine, the body, mental health and psychiatry, homelessness, and aging; the anthropological study of citizenship and political activism; and Latin American and Caribbean studies. For the past ten years, I have conducted ethnographic research on these topics in urban Venezuela, Cuba, and the United States.

Through my ongoing research I analyze the relationships between political ideologies, public health systems, and local formulations of bodies, medicine, and subjectivity. In particular, I explore what specific health practices reveal about medicine’s role in constituting everyday life, ideas about the body and well being, and political agency.

My email address is acooper[at]muhlenberg[dot]edu.


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