current as of August 2016.

In Preparation
In Excess of Medicine: Pleasure and Politics in Venezuelan Health Care. Book manuscript in preparation.

Revised Manuscript Under Review
Moving medicine “Inside the Neighborhood”: The political symbolism of place in Venezuelan public health. Special issue of Medicine Anthropology Theory.

Accepted for Publication
Morality on Adderall? Contested views on the pharmaceuticalization of college academics. Ethos.

The Doctor’s Political Body: Doctor-Patient Interactions and Political Belonging in Venezuelan Neighborhood Clinics. American Ethnologist 42(3):459-474. Click here for PDF.

What does health activism mean in Venezuela’s Barrio Adentro program? Understanding community health work in political and cultural context. Annals of Anthropological Practice special issue 39(1):58-72. Click here for PDF.

2015. Protests and Polarization in Venezuela After Chávez: Introduction and Life After Hugo Chávez (co-authors/co-editors Robert Samet and Naomi Schiller). Field Sites – Hot Spots. Cultural Anthropology online.

2014.  Time Seizures and the Self: Institutional Temporalities and Self-Preservation among Homeless Women. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. Click here for PDF.

2014.   Review of God’s Laboratory: Assisted Reproduction in the Andes. By Elizabeth Roberts (Berkeley: University of California Press).

2012.  Vital Politics: Medicine and Citizenship in Venezuela. Doctoral dissertation, University of Chicago. Click here for a review.

2012.   Review of Revolutionary Medicine: Health and the Body in Post-Socialist Cuba by P. Sean Brotherton (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012).

2010.  Becoming a community person: Stories of motivation and transformation in Barrio Adentro’s volunteer health committees [Spanish]. In De la Participación en Salud a la Construcción de Poder Popular: Experiencias para el Debate, Eds. Miguel Malo and Johanna Levy. Maracay, Venezuela: Instituto de Altos Estudios Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldón, 99-111. Click here to download PDF

2004.   Psychiatrists’ Attitudes Toward Involuntary Hospitalization (co-authored with Dan Luchins, Patricia Hanrahan, and Ken Rasinski). Psychiatric Services 55:1058-1060. Click here to download PDF

2004.   Mental Illness and Dangerousness: Fact or Misperception, and Implications for Stigma (co-authored with Patrick Corrigan). In On the Stigma of Mental Illness: Practical Strategies for Research and Social Change. Corrigan, P.W., Ed. pp. 165-179. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.  Chapter abstract   Book

2003.   Mental Illness Stigma and Care Seeking (co-authored with Patrick Corrigan and Amy Watson). Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 191:339-341. Click here to download PDF