About My Teaching

I teach courses in cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, global health, anthropological theory and methods, and Latin American studies. Regardless of the content of what I am teaching, my ultimate objectives for each class are the same. My courses destabilize students’ taken-for-granted assumptions about history, social life, and identity by exposing them to texts and other media that demonstrate the socially and historically constructed nature of our lived reality. Students in my classes develop a deep appreciation for other cultures and an anthropologically-informed understanding of contemporary social problems. Creative and engaging assignments help students become more thoughtful and effective readers, analysts, and communicators. My teaching style relies heavily on student-led discussions, collaborative and hands-on learning, and writing as a process of thinking.

At Muhlenberg College, I teach courses in the Anthropology, Public Health, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies programs. For more information about courses I currently offer, click on the links below or use the drop-down menu above.

Cultural Anthropology

Medicine and Culture

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

Health and Healing in Latin America

Anthropological Ethnography

Other Worlds: Anthropology Through Science Fiction

Anthropological Theory

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